miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Water Ad made in Matapozuelos

This experience has been successful for all the students.
They have thought about the nature and the environment.

Human Impact Advertisement

It is very important the task that students and teacher have done during two hours at English class.
They have worked hard. 

Animals Ad at class

This advertisement was made by Bazil and Raquel.
It is important the relation between nature and animals.

Transport Advertisement at class

This original and creative ad was made by Laura, Carolina y Ali.
Working together has been a successful experience.

Water Ad at English class.

Coordinados en todo momento por Carmen, los alumnos han realizado estos magníficos anuncios, con mensajes concisos, breves y llenos de significado.
Water advertisement was designed by Salua and Joel.

Air Ad at English Class

This interesting advertisement was made by Israel, Carolina y Elias.
Can you watch the clouds?
How do you want to live?
What can you do to clean the air?

Plants Ad in the school

En muy poquito tiempo nuestros compañeros de curso también han realizado sus anuncios para cuidar el medio ambiente.
Este ha sido realizado por Uzair, Rida y Yanire.
The plants ad was mede by Uzair, Rida y Yanire.